Reshaping Raincloud

After a few years of putting together and playing with all kinds of services, one question started getting more annoying every time it came up: Do we really need another VM for that or can we fit this on a existing one? At first,┬áit might seems like a good idea […]


Storage usage outgrows raw capacity with 65%

Our main storage pool consists of four 3TB disks, so we have 12TB raw disk capacity. For redundancy we use ZFS’s zraid (which is basicly a RAID5) as layout. This puts the usable space of the disk pool in the area of 9TB (4 x 3TB – 3TB). Since we […]


A Public Front for Raincloud

Since Raincloud is a private Cloud Platform most things happen behind closed doors and you need a User Account or a VPN connection or something to see anything… This minimalistic Blog aims to provide a public front for the Platform. Manly a Service Overview with links as entry point for […]