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Private Platform

This is a friends and family only hosting and collaboration platform. So we have nothing to sell here. We just think more people should run the services they need within in there own community.

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Dedicated Hardware

We run and maintain our own two physical servers, housed in a trusted Swiss data center with strict access control.

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User Accounts

For convenience we manage user accounts and access rights centrally in a LDAP Directory. This allows our user to authenticate to all our services with the same credentials.

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Our Apps

Here are some of our most used Apps, which are direct accessible over the web with your Raincloud Account

Chat & Videocalls

Rain Drop

Plex Video Streaming

Doku Wiki

Mining Stats



MySQL Cluster

Fleet UI

Account Self-Service

About Us

Raincloud is a private non-profit cloud platform housed in a Swiss data center. We, the owners and operators of the platform are two brothers with a professional IT background. We maintain and expand this project in our personal time for our own usage and for close friends and family.

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User Account Self-Service

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Infrastructure & Technology Stacks

Whats beneath the surface of our Apps and Services?

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vmware Virtualisazion

All our infrastructure runs virtualized on free ESXi Hypervizors

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CoreOS Cluster

More and more of our services getting migrated and conlosidated in to our CoreOS cluster

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Docker Containers

To deploy services more rapidly with better maintainability we use the wide spread Docker container format

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Open Source

We are big fans and most of our services are based on open source projects